Pros and Cons of Windows with Built-In Blinds

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Blinds are a popular option for window coverings. They help control the amount of light entering a room during the daytime, and they help protect your privacy at night when the lights are off. Although window blinds are economical and efficient, they do have their drawbacks. They can be difficult to clean, and a safety hazard for kids and pets.

If you like the idea of having blinds on your windows, but you don’t want to deal with their drawbacks, consider windows with built-in blinds. These internal blinds are hung inside the glass so that you don’t have to worry about dusting them. They’re available through manufacturers like Pella and ProVia.

Let’s learn more about between-the-glass blinds, the benefits they offer and if they’re right for your AZ property.

What are Built-In Blinds, Exactly?

Traditional blinds are hung in front of the glass on the interior side of the window. Other types of blinds – roller blinds and shutter blinds – operate a bit differently but are also hung on the external side of the glass. Internal blinds, on the other hand, are installed in between the panes of glass and are inside your window.

You can open and close internal blinds using a traditional pull cord or a slider switch that uses magnets. Some of the newer additions to the market can even be controlled by a remote or smartphone app!

What are the Benefits of Installing Between-the-Glass Blinds?

Built-in blinds offer plenty of advantages over traditional blinds. Let’s take a look!

  • Convenient. Unlike conventional blinds that can tangle or bend, internal blinds are quick and easy to operate. You don’t have to worry about one side being higher than the other or having trouble setting the blinds to a specific height.
  • Safe. Windows with built-in blinds are safer because most styles eliminate hanging cords. Plus, the blinds themselves can’t entangle small children or pets. Everything is kept safely inside the glass panels.
  • Easy maintenance. Cleaning blinds is a chore, but you can’t stop them from collecting dust. Save yourself the dust piles – and the work – with built-in blinds. Some types don’t require cleaning at all, while other windows can be disassembled and cleaned once or twice a year.

Are Internal Blinds Right for My Phoenix Home?

If you love the look of blinds but hate the dust, built-in blinds are definitely worth considering for your home. They offer convenience, safety and ease of maintenance while giving you the privacy and natural light you’re looking for.

To ensure the best experience with these windows, you’ll want to stick to reputable manufacturers like Pella, ProVia or Milgard. Discuss your options for windows or doors with between-the-glass blinds with Greco Roman and Construction today!