10 Hidden Benefits of Installing New Windows in AZ

We’ve all seen the commercials. They go something like this: “Tickets to take the family to the ballgame – $340; parking – $20; souvenirs – $65; stadium food – $75. The memories? Priceless.” In this case, the total cost is $500. But saying that the memories are priceless tells us something really important – that the most valuable things cannot be measured by dollars and cents.

When homeowners replace old windows on their house, the value of their property increases. Typically, new windows yield an 85% return on investment. That translates into real dollars gained when the property is sold.

But there is far more value added than dollars and cents! There are “hidden” gains – benefits that cannot be easily measured. We could describe this by several one-word summaries: Satisfaction. Gratitude. Pride.

Does that seem like a bit of overreach to you? Can new windows really do that? Consider these ten satisfying benefits of replacing your Arizona home’s windows.

Top 10 Benefits of a New Window Installation in Arizona

  1. Aesthetics. When you look out your windows, you will no longer be reminded of how old and worn they are. Just the opposite! You will actually enjoy looking at your windows – not just through them!
  2. Neighborhood envy. Others will notice the better look, too! Rather than feeling embarrassed when friends and family come to visit, you will hear words of affirmation for a job well done! You have added beauty to your corner of the neighborhood, and it will not go unnoticed.
  3. Noise cancellation. Unwanted noise is a low-level irritant that is often hard to quantify or define. But it is felt, nevertheless. New, high quality windows will allow less outside noise in, reducing that stressor.
  4. Security. Old windows that no longer close or lock securely lead to a type of “background worry,” like white noise that is always there. It may not be in the forefront of your mind, but you deep-down don’t feel secure. New windows will close, seal and lock tightly, and you can relax more.
  5. Better function. We all have daily “battles” to fight. Opening and closing our windows should not be one of them. Yet it is so often true of old, worn windows. Who wants to be in a wrestling match with a window? Your new windows will open and close with ease. Check off another stressor!
  6. Easier cleaning. When windows are hard to open due to cracked seals, exterior grills on the glass and other problems, we typically don’t bother cleaning them. New windows, no matter the style, are much easier to clean and maintain.
  7. Less fading. With new windows, you will no longer need to be concerned about fabric fade, whether on your curtains or furniture. Virtually all new windows are coated with Low-E, which will keep out harmful UV rays. You can feel free to place that sofa in front of your new window, right where you always wanted it!
  8. Bright interior. Your home can be brighter on the inside. First of all, you will no longer feel a need to conceal your old, ugly windows by closing curtains or drapes. Secondly, since you will be keeping harmful UV rays out, you can feel good about letting the natural light in!
  9. Comfort. You will feel more bodily comfort inside your home with new windows. Unwanted heat, drafts, and humidity will be kept outside once you install new, better quality windows.
  10. Property value. When the time comes, you will be a more confident seller. You will not have to worry about potential buyers walking away because of a window issue. If a potential buyer is accustomed to new, high quality windows, they will expect it. If a potential buyer is not accustomed to newer windows, they will be impressed!
  11. New windows offer financial benefits, but the hidden benefits are priceless! Contact Greco Roman Construction and Design to discuss your new window installation project.