10 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows in Arizona

Wouldn’t it be great if the windows in our homes were programmed with smart technology to give us the clear signal, “Window needs replacing!” Alas, we are not quite there yet in the window industry – maybe someday! But that’s okay – it is you who bring the smarts to the game.

In a way, your windows do “talk” to you, letting you know when it’s time for replacement. All you must do is “listen.” Here are ten signs that it is time for a window replacement in Arizona.

  1. There is moisture between the panes of glass, indicating that the seal has become damaged or worn. When you look out your window, it is like looking at a fogged-up bathroom mirror. But it is worse – that trapped moisture can also lead to mold and mildew.
  2. The window “sticks” when opening and closing. Think safety. What if you needed to quickly escape from that window but couldn’t open it?
  3. You can no longer get the window(s) to lock properly. Again, think safety. That non-locking window enables easy access to your home.
  4. The glass pane is cracked. Not only is this a safety hazard, but a window cannot seal properly when cracked.
  5. The window frames are weather worn. This may include such damage as warping or cracking of the frames and/or the seals. Between the extreme heat, monsoon rains, high winds and even dust storms, Arizona weather can most definitely take a toll on your windows.
  6. Your furniture and/or window treatments have experienced color fading. This likely indicates that your current window(s) do not contain a Low-E protective coating to block out ultraviolet rays.
  7. Your air conditioning is working overtime to remove humidity from the house, but it never seems to catch up. It feels different inside than it used to. When windows are not sealing or closing properly, the humidity outside ends up inside. This costs you in terms of relative comfort, as well as in your wallet, due to higher utility bills.
  8. You notice that it is noisier inside your house than it used to be. When windows are not closing or sealing properly, just like humidity, outside noise finds its way inside. That stress you feel may have something to do with subtle, increased noise levels.
  9. Whenever you drive up to your property, you just don’t like the way your windows look. The windows actually lessen the curb appeal of your home. They “stand out” in a way you don’t want.
  10. You just know. You have noticed these things for some time; you do not need a warning light to signal you. You are the “smart technology.”

Your windows are talking to you. What are they telling you? New windows in Arizona can enhance your curb appeal, improve energy efficiency and boost the value of your home. Contact Greco Roman Construction and Design for a free estimate on new windows.