What Home Improvements in Arizona Give the Best Return on Investment?

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You may purchase your home with the intent of living it in for years to come. However, it is essential to consider how improvements will impact your bottom line should you decide to sell in the future. You may be surprised to learn that not all of the changes you make to your home need to be costly or elaborate. Many of the home improvements in Arizona are focused on making cost-effective changes that attract buyers and influence their decision to buy. Let’s take a look at some of the areas of your home that you can focus on to upgrade your home and get the best return on your investment.

Kitchen Remodeling in Arizona

The kitchen is the area that most buyers will base their first impression of the entire home. A kitchen with some upgrades will go a long way in making people feel like the house is higher-end and of sound quality. Keep in mind; you don’t have to do a total revamp. A minor upgrade typically yields 81% ROI while a full kitchen makeover usually recoups about 53% ROI.

If you’re doing a partial upgrade focus on the following areas:

  • New appliances
  • Upgraded flooring
  • Modernized kitchen cabinets
  • Upgraded countertops
  • Upgraded faucets and sink

You can easily customize this plan to suit any budget. For instance, you could opt for a brand-new stainless-steel appliance package and forgo some of the other options. Whether you redo everything or focus on updating a few key areas, you are sure to attract buyers with these improvements.

Bathroom Remodeling in Arizona

Bathrooms are another area of the home that many buyers will focus their attention. Like the kitchen, you don’t have to do an expensive renovation to get results. Statistics show that a mid-grade bathroom remodel will yield just over 70% ROI.

Some smart renovations here primarily focus on making the space accessible by all. By incorporating wider doors, lower light switches, and installing grip handles near the toilet and in the shower, you create a more comfortable space that is more easily accessible to more people.

Interior/Exterior Paint

Interior and exterior paint is a relatively inexpensive investment that immediately makes rooms feel fresh and clean. Painting the inside of your home a warm, neutral color will ensure that people are more likely to envision themselves in their space. Harsh colors and drastic designs may make space feel busy and, if a buyer doesn’t love it, it may turn them off completely.

A fresh coat of paint on the outside of the house will drastically improve curb appeal. Plus, buyers will appreciate that they don’t have to worry about the cost of paint for a few years to come.

Upgraded Windows and Doors

Have you ever driven by a home and noticed that the windows and doors look outdated? This is often someone’s first impression of how they feel about the entire house. Don’t let your home get passed simply because the windows and doors need an update!

Energy-saving windows and doors not only give your home a modern look, but it can help save on utility bills. More and more buyers are becoming environmentally conscious, so any improvements that you make in this arena will undoubtedly attract more people. You should expect about a 70% ROI on these types of enhancements making it worth your time and money.

Home Improvements in Arizona with a Lower Return on Investment

While there are undoubtedly many improvements that you can do to get more bang for your buck, there are some other improvements that aren’t worth it. Here are a few that you should avoid, especially if you are limited on cash:

  • Swimming pool
  • Wall-to-wall carpet
  • Built-in aquarium
  • Built-in electronics
  • Quirky improvements (loud colors, specialized designs, etc.)

The thing about these improvements is that they can be too specific. Perhaps one buyer will appreciate the pool in the backyard, while another buyer with young kids may see it as a liability. You don’t want to add improvements that can get polarized responses from potential purchasers.

Greco Roman Construction & Design Can Help With Home Improvements in Arizona

Return on investment is certainly something every homeowner should keep in mind as they make changes to their house. Greco Roman Construction & Design is dedicated to providing each customer with making the best improvements for their home or business. We keep quality and budgets in mind as we work with you to bring your vision to reality. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!