The Anatomy of an Energy Efficient Door

When you live in a desert climate, energy efficiency is everything. But efficiency is not just reserved for windows and air conditioning – your doors also matter. Most homeowners don’t think about their exterior doors until there’s an issue, but it’s possible that they are letting air escape from the home every day.

On average, screen doors and vinyl doors last about 20 to 40 years, French doors last 30 to 50 years and exterior doors can last a lifetime. These are just benchmark estimates, though. If your door is showing signs of wear and tear – sticking, drafty, loose hinges, weathered – it’s time to replace it regardless of its expected lifespan.

Below is the anatomy of an energy efficient door, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of this investment.

Multiple Glass Panes

Not all exterior doors have glass panes, but many do. Homeowners appreciate having glass because it boosts curb appeal, lets in natural light and provides a view of the outdoors. If you choose a new front door with glass panes, make sure that there are multiple panes. Double- or triple-pane insulating glass reduces heat flow, improves efficiency and makes your home more comfortable.

Improved Core Materials

According to Energy Star, the most energy-efficient door materials on the market today are fiberglass, wood cladding and steel with polyurethane foam core. But, where you live makes a difference. Here in Arizona, we recommend fiberglass doors with an insulating polyurethane core.

Fiberglass handles heat remarkably well. It will hold up for years and years, even when facing the hot desert sun. Fiberglass is less likely to be damaged by the sun, and it’s relatively cool to the touch compared to other materials like steel. It also won’t fade or dent over time.

Tighter Fit and Improved Weatherstripping

Another critical part of an energy efficient door is how well it fits into the door frame. New frames may include a magnetic strip to help create a tighter seal that reduces air leakage around the edges. This is important, as any gaps in between the door and the frame will let air seep through.

There are many factors that affect how well your door fits into the frame, including the quality of the installation. When you hire a trusted exterior door contractor to install a new front door, you can expect proper installation with a tight seal. This way, cold air won’t escape from your home, keeping it comfortable and reducing wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

Get a Free Estimate on a New Exterior Door

If it’s time to replace one or more of your exterior doors, contact Greco Roman Construction and Design for a free estimate. We specialize in installing replacement doors in Arizona, and we’ll make sure you get a high quality door at a fair price! Aside from improved efficiency, our doors also reduce noise, improve safety, boost curb appeal and increase property values. They are a great investment for your AZ property!