5 Tips that Will Help Your Windows Last Longer

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Residential windows have an average lifespan of 15 to 30 years, depending on the materials, brand and quality of installation. However, there are things you can do to extend the lifespan of your windows as well. The extreme Arizona heat can adversely affect your windows, so a bit of maintenance and vigilance goes a long way in keeping them in the best condition possible.

Below are five tips that will help your Arizona windows last longer.

1. Clean Your Windows

Keeping your windows clean ensures your house looks great and you’re properly caring for your windows. We suggest cleaning your windows at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. Routine cleanings remove build-up on windows and frames, eliminating the risk for mold and mildew growth. A mild gentle soap is all you need to do this job.

2. Check Caulk Joints and Re-Calk Where Necessary

When your windows were installed, a sealant was applied around the perimeter of your home. However, caulk joints often deteriorate and start to crack, peel or shrink, which means your windows won’t be as well protected anymore. If you notice this, remove the old caulk and apply a new layer of caulk. Plus, your windows will look better, too!

3. Redirect Sprinkler Systems

If you have an automatic sprinkler system for your lawn, make sure that it’s aimed away from your windows. While rain is inevitable, you can control moisture levels by redirecting sprinklers. And, if you plan on power washing your home, avoid the windows, as this can cause damage to the seals. Instead, use a normal setting around your windows.

4. Examine Your Windows Annually

Once a year, take some time to examine your windows. This way, you can detect any flaws or imperfections that might need attention. Some of the things to pay attention to are:

  • Do the windows easily close and open?
  • Is there moisture in between the glass panes?
  • Are there any cracks or breaks in the panes?
  • Is the hardware intact?

5. Clean and Grease Window Tracks

You should be wiping out your window tracks regularly. They’re even more important to keep clean than the windows themselves! This happens because the outdoor elements can easily get inside the tracks and cause them to be difficult to operate. A quick wipe is all you need to remove dirt and debris. Also, you may need to grease the tracks to ensure smooth operation.

By being vigilant and keeping your windows cleaned and maintained, you can add years of life onto them. Residential windows are a huge investment, so it’s in your best interests to get the most use out of them. To discuss your need for new windows for your Arizona home, contact Greco Roman Construction and Design today.