Steps to a Proper Window Installation

When you hire a contractor to replace your windows, you are entrusting them to do the job right. And any contractor worth their salt has the exact same goal in mind. They are not satisfied unless you are satisfied. So what steps does a reputable contractor need to take when replacing your windows, in order to achieve that goal? Let’s find out!

Prior to Installation

  1. First and foremost, a good contractor comes and listens to you. They learn what your needs and desires are for this project. They do not come with a one-size-fits-all solution for you. After listening well, the contractor will take rough measurements of all windows you are planning to have replaced. This will enable them to quote you an installed price for this entire project, based on the style you have selected.
  2. Once you have decided and signed the contract for window installation in Arizona, the contractor will schedule another visit (from one of their carpenters) to make detailed measurements of each window being replaced. This visit is included in the installation cost that has been quoted to you.

    While you will not hear any hammering, prying or drilling during this visit, it is in many ways the most important visit. Because unless window measurements are very accurate, the job will turn into a real headache, both for you and the contractor. Incorrect measuring leads to ordering windows that do not fit. Do not underestimate the importance of this visit. The best contractors make multiple measurements to properly fit the height, width and depth of the opening.

  3. Once the new windows are manufactured, the contractor will schedule the installation for a time that works for you. Normally, this is all completed in one day. Very large projects may take two days.

On Installation Day

  1. The contractor will go through a very deliberate six-step process to make sure each window is perfectly installed.
    1. They will gently remove any casing/trim that you wish to reuse, if any.
    2. The old window is carefully removed.
    3. They will carefully inspect the frame to make sure everything is solid and able to support the new window properly. If any wood is rotted, they will replace it. If there are any large gaps, at this point they may add either caulk or insulation.
    4. The new window is “dry fitted” into the opening to make sure it fits securely. Any needed adjustments to the frame/opening would be made at this time to ensure a tight fit.
    5. The window can be loosely attached at this point, and shims will be used to make sure your window is perfectly level before snugly attached. This step also involves caulking and possibly the addition of more insulation. The goal is a 100% seal against all possible drafts.
    6. Once the window is installed, any trim will be added, as needed, both inside and out. Yes, this normally means more caulking!
  2. The best contractors make sure to do two more things. First, they clean up their mess. When they are done, it should look “brand new,” like no one had touched a thing – oh, except for your beautiful new windows! And second, they need to walk you through the project, making sure you are pleased with their craftsmanship, as well as demonstrating for you the how-to’s in terms of opening and closing the windows, locking them, opening for cleaning, etc.

When these steps are taken, you will be pleased with the final product. To discuss your window installation project, contact the window experts from Greco Roman Construction and Design.