Buying a House in Arizona? Window Features to Look For

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When looking at houses to buy in Phoenix AZ, the first things that most people pay attention to are the square footage, location, cost and overall value of the property. These are all important factors that can help you narrow down your search. However, when you’re ready to make an offer, you’ll want to be more critical of the house and evaluate features such as the windows.

In Arizona, the average replacement window cost is about $500. Certain projects can reach $1,000 per window! When you consider all the windows in a home, you can see how this project reaches numbers in the tens of thousands. Therefore, if you can get a home with good windows, you can save yourself from having to replace them in the near future.

Here are the window features you should look for when touring properties in Arizona. Hopefully, this can help you narrow down the best house for your needs, or at least prepare you for upcoming projects.

Window Type

The first thing you’ll want to know is what type of windows the house has. There are many different types of windows, and they all have unique features. The most common window types are:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Single-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Picture windows
  • Bay windows
  • Awning windows
  • Sliding windows

Window Condition

Inspect the windows in the Arizona property to ensure they’re in good, working condition. Here are some simple things you can do during your showing:

  • Check window panes for signs of cracking
  • Make sure the rubber seals are in place
  • Look for gaps around the outside of the frames
  • Examine the hardware attached to the windows
  • Look for condensation or moisture leaks

If everything checks out, you can move forward with the assumption that the windows are in good condition.

Ease of Operation

Open and close the windows to make sure they function properly. It’s common for parts to break over time – latches, sashes, pivot bars, etc. – , but they can typically be fixed quickly and inexpensively.

Also, many newer homes have a tilt sash that allows you to tilt the window inward for easy cleaning. Check to see if the home has these types of windows, as it will make cleaning them a breeze!


This can be hard to track in Arizona homes because it doesn’t get cold and drafty. But, it’s still something you should be mindful of. Stand near the windows and see if you feel any airflow. If you do, it’s possible that new windows need to be installed, or the wrong windows were installed from the get-go. Draftiness is an issue you must address, as it will affect the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Buy Replacement Windows for Your New Home in Arizona!

By spending a few minutes evaluating the windows in the home, you can get a good idea of the condition they’re in. If the windows were recently replaced or in good condition, this will save you from a window project in the near future!

However, if the windows need to be replaced, you can prepare yourself for the project and build this into the overall cost of the home. Not only will you get a new house, but also brand new windows that are beautiful and efficient! For a free estimate, contact Greco Roman Construction and Design today.