Pros and Cons to Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

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Are you thinking about installing floor-to-ceiling windows in your Arizona home? These types of windows are unique because they’re large and let in plenty of natural light. But there are some things you’ll need to know about “walls of glass” before making a decision, especially living in the valley.

Let’s cover the pros and cons to floor-to-ceiling windows and the best decision for your Arizona home.

What are Floor-to-Ceiling Windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows, also referred to as “walls of glass” or “window walls,” are exactly as they sound. They are windows that go from the floor to the ceiling to give amazing views and an abundance of natural light. These windows look especially fabulous in open-concept homes, as they enhance the brightness and openness.

If you’ve been noticing floor-to-ceiling windows showing up in popular culture, design magazines and advertisements, it’s not your imagination. The concept of connecting the indoors with the outdoors is incredibly popular. But you also need to think about the practicality of these windows and if they will serve your everyday needs.

Pros of Installing Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows allows you to take advantage of many wonderful benefits such as:

  • Let in more natural light
  • Provide the interior of your home with amazing views
  • Make a smaller room or home look more spacious
  • Enhance the indoor-outdoor connection
  • Improve your home’s curb appeal

Cons of Installing Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

The above benefits do come at a cost, however. Here are some of the drawbacks, or at least things to know, about floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Offer less privacy than regular windows
  • More expensive to install and maintain
  • Harder to clean and maintain (will likely need help from a professional)
  • Can get very hot (particularly if you have south-facing windows)
  • Window treatments are more expensive

Replacement Windows in Arizona

In the end, floor-to-ceiling windows may be popular and beautiful, but they are very expensive and most often do not meet the budgets of homeowners. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t install these windows, but it is important to have realistic expectations for their cost and maintenance.

Greco Roman Construction and Design can help you choose the perfect windows for your Arizona home. We have many great alternatives to floor-to-ceiling windows that will offer you the indoor-outdoor connection you’re looking for. And, if your heart is set on floor-to-ceiling windows, we can help with this as well. Contact our team today for an estimate.