Exterior Door Trends for 2022

Just by reading the title above, you may have learned something new. Yes, even exterior doors go through trends. You may be a person whose “trend” is to not “do” trends! But exterior door trends are not like the latest clothing fashions which are rapidly changing.

If you are replacing your exterior door, it really is worth considering current trends, because by doing so, you will add lasting value and appeal to your home. These days, it is no longer “same old, same old” when it comes to exterior doors. There really are exciting new looks that will make your home “pop” in all the right ways.

Think Big!

Wider exterior entry doors are becoming increasingly popular for good reasons. For decades, double leaf patio doors have been popular, allowing for an easier in-and-out for you and your guests. But now think of the added benefit of installing double leaf doors on the front of your home – or even a wider single door. Now your entryway has become a grand entryway. It is both appealing and welcoming!

While this look is currently “trendy,” it has always felt magnificent; you know – something you see on “rich people’s” houses. This trend will last. (Not to mention the added value of easier maneuverability whenever you add or remove furniture or appliances.) Standard 36” exterior doors may increasingly no longer be the standard for entry doors. Go wider!

Think Clearly!

Consider utilizing more glass in your entryway door. The lasting advantage of added glass is that it allows more natural light to enter your home. This is true whether the glass is on the door itself, on the panels or above the door.

While added glass panels next to the door do not make the entry wider, it does give that illusion. And just by adding glass above the door gives the appearance of the door being higher/taller. Of course, stained glass always provides an added elegance as opposed to plain or textured glass.

If you are worried that the added glass will reduce energy efficiency, worry no longer! Low-e customized glass is available! Added glass on exterior doorways is not only a current trend, but it is also more affordable than you think! And natural light will never go out of style.

Be Colorful!

Vibrant colors are still the trend for 2022. For decades, muted tones were the “norm” on exterior doors; it was rare to see vibrant colors on entryway doors – colors such as teal, yellow, bright red, deep orange, purple, etc. But no longer!

If you are reluctant to consider these colors, take a walk or a drive around your neighborhood. You will quickly see how a vibrant color can draw your eyes’ attention to a home. The right vibrant color on your entryway door can “pull together” all of your home’s exterior features in an attractive way.

(Note – If your budget is limited, this simple “refresh” on your existing door can make a surprising difference.) Go vibrant! It feels inviting!


The financial return on investment for new exterior doors is as much as 95%! But the greatest ROI is not financial. The greatest benefit will be the satisfaction you feel for beautifying your own space – yes, and even your neighborhood! Sometimes being trendy is just plain smart!