The Best Features that Come with Double Hung Windows

The time has come to install new windows in your home. But with so many different options to consider, you may not know which windows are best! A great option to look at is double hung windows. They are one of most popular options among local homeowners because they are stylish, durable and easy to clean.

Let’s learn more about double hung windows and the best features that you can get with them.

What are Double Hung Windows?

With double hung windows, both window sashes are operable, compared to a single hung window where only one sash is operable. This allows both sashes to slide up and down independently of one another. Because heat rises, warm air is able to escape through the top sash, while cool air from the outside can enter through the lower sash. Together, this keeps your home more comfortable.

Double hung windows are a top choice for two-story homes, but they also work well for one-story homes. They are available in a variety of window frame materials like wood, vinyl and aluminum. While each material has its benefits, we highly recommend vinyl for homes in Arizona because it can withstand years of desert heat.

Best Features of Double Hung Windows

At Greco Roman Construction and Design, we only carry the highest quality brands of double hung windows. The right windows will help you improve efficiency while lowering your utility bills and improving your home’s aesthetics.

Here are the best features you get when you invest in double hung windows from quality brands like Pella and ProVia.

  • Easier to clean. Because both sashes open, double hung windows are easier to keep clean. You can even wipe both sides of the window thanks to the tilt-in feature.
  • Better ventilation. With a double hung window, you can slide open the top sash, the bottom sash or both for ample airflow.
  • Reasonable cost. While double hung windows do cost more than single hung windows, you can save money by choosing a vinyl frame. This keeps the windows at a reasonable price point.
  • Great efficiency. Double hung windows provide excellent efficiency, but the material also makes a difference. Vinyl and fiberglass have multi-chambered frames which slow the movement of heat.
  • Simple installation. You can choose double hung windows for new construction homes in Arizona, as well as replacement or remodel projects. Make sure to choose a reputable installation company for the best results.
  • Available in larger sizes. Double hung windows are available in larger sizes. With bigger windows, you can let more natural light into your home while maintaining excellent efficiency.

Invest in High Quality Double Hung Windows Today

If you’re ready to replace your windows, contact Greco Roman Construction and Design today. We’ll be happy to come out and measure your windows and determine the best materials, style and brand for your home. We can also install new windows in a new construction home. Our company carries national name brand windows like ProVia, Milgard and Pella. Schedule your estimate today!