How to Keep Your Costs Down When Buying Replacement Windows in AZ

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There are many home improvement projects that allow you to have control over the costs. For example, if you’re planning to install new floors, you can reduce your costs by choosing a cheaper floor and installing it yourself. But when it comes to replacing your windows, you don’t have as much freedom. Replacement windows are naturally expensive due to the custom nature of windows and their installation.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make your window installation project in Arizona a bit more affordable. Greco Roman Construction and Design understands the importance of having high quality windows at reasonable prices. Fortunately, we work with several different companies to make this possible for our customers.

Here are some of the best ways to keep your costs down when buying replacement windows in Phoenix AZ.

Consider Your Grid Options

Grids are a great way to enhance your windows, but they are purely aesthetic. Therefore, you can decrease your costs by choosing gridless windows. You don’t have to do this to all of your windows, of course. You can pick and choose which windows have grids and which do not. A common solution is to install grid windows on the front of the home and not the back or sides.

Pick Standard Colors

Black windows are a popular trend, but you’ll likely end up paying more for them. To lower your costs, choose a standard window color that is offered by the manufacturer. Most window manufacturers offer several colors such as white, beige and gray. If you want something custom, it will require more time and money for the manufacturer, which means you’ll pay a premium.

Choose Standard Sizes

Another thing to pay attention to is the sizes of your windows. Choosing a standard window size keeps your costs down because they are already made in bulk. Fortunately, most new homes feature standard window sizes. If you have custom window openings, the window manufacturer will have to cut your windows to a specific size, increasing labor and cost, which are passed down to you.

Change the Window Type

You may be able to reconfigure your windows to save money. One option is to consider changing a large unit of multiple windows into one single window. This way, you’re only paying for one window instead of several. We often recommend this when customers have an opening with three or four double-hung windows, which can be turned into one large picture window.

Buy More Windows

This may sound counterproductive, but the more windows you buy, the more you save. You’ll pay less for each window than if you were to buy them in small increments at a time. It’s typically best to purchase your windows all at once, as this ensures you’re getting matching colors and the best price possible.

Shop for Replacement Windows in Phoenix

These are some of the best ways to save money on replacement windows in AZ. Greco Roman Construction and Design installs windows from reputable companies like Pella, ProVia and Milgard. Contact us today for a free quote and we’ll be happy to work with you on your project, timeline and budget!