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What are Soundproof Windows and Do They Really Work?

While there is no such thing as a window that blocks out all noise, soundproof windows will help make your home quieter. They aren’t necessary for all homes, but they can be beneficial if you live in a city, near a highway or construction zone or you have pets that are sensitive to noise. By installing soundproof windows, you can block out annoying, unwanted noises that occur outside your home.

Let’s learn more about soundproof windows, what you can expect from them and the features that may be worth adding.

How Do Soundproof Windows Work?

Soundproof windows, or noise reducing windows, can help make your home a quieter, more peaceful place to be by blocking out loud noises. Noises travel through the air and through materials. They are measured in two different ways: by Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC).

Soundproof windows work by slowing down the transfer of sound waves, causing the noises to seem quieter. As the sound waves travel through the materials, the waves are absorbed, reflected or minimized. Today, most windows have STC ratings of 26, but you can add more window panes for added insulation.

Soundproof Glass Options – Upgrading Your Windows

If you have a lot of unwanted noise coming into your home, it’s likely that you can benefit from upgrading your windows. The first and most common option is to upgrade your windows from a single-pane design to a double- or triple-pane design. Having extra layers of glass will dampen noises.

You can also choose a mixed millimeter glass design, which mixes different glass thicknesses together. This, too, can drown out noises at different frequencies. Not only will you get improved noise control with double-pane windows or triple-pane windows, but also you can enhance efficiency.

Also, you don’t need to install soundproof windows throughout your entire home. You can pick the rooms that need it the most, such as a bedroom or family room. Reputable window companies offer their own versions of soundproof windows, so be sure to ask us about your options! For example, Pella Lifestyle Series triple-pane windows reduce 52 percent more noise than single-pane windows.

Importance of Quality Installation

You can buy the most expensive windows, but they still won’t work well if they are not installed properly. This is why it’s imperative to choose an experienced installer to install your new windows. Proper installation helps ensure airtight seals and helps keep the noise out.

Greco Roman Construction and Design can customize your window project. From start to finish, our team will handle your window replacement needs and ensure professional installation. We stand by our work and make sure that all windows have a tight fit and a frame that is weatherproofed and sealed. A poorly installed window, on the other hand, is prone to water leaks, air leaks, energy loss and – you guessed it – louder noises!

Schedule an in-home consultation with the window replacement experts from Greco Roman Construction and Design and see how we can make your home a quieter, more relaxing place to be!