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Why Pass Through Windows are an Excellent Choice for Your Kitchen

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With warm, sunny weather year-round, Phoenix homeowners enjoy having a space to entertain guests. One way to create an entertaining space is by installing a pass through window. These windows allow you to expand your living space by creating an indoor-outdoor entertaining area. If you’re looking to replace your windows, or you’re remodeling your kitchen or living room, it’s a great time to think about switching to a pass through window.

What is a Pass Through Window?

A pass through window is a type of window that slides open and closed, or folds open and closed. This allows easy access to the indoors and outdoors and is great for entertaining. You can find these windows in new construction, or you can opt for them during a replacement project.

Pass through windows will often sit just off your countertop and slide smoothly into a pocket in the wall. And, as long as you purchase the window from a reputable company like Pella or Andersen, you can expect the window to meet the highest performance requirements, such as thermally controlled panels and triple pane glass.

Between a kitchen and outdoor living space is the most popular place to install a pass through window. Here, you can:

  • Double your buffet space – great for serving foods and drinks to guests!
  • Open up a bar area to the outdoors and keep the drinks coming
  • Improve flow – no need to carry food and drinks through multiple rooms in the home
  • Entertain your guests while still working in the kitchen
  • Hand out snacks and sunscreen for the pool – less dripping and water inside your home

How to Choose a Pass Through Window for Your AZ Home

A pass through window can open in a couple of different ways. There are folding options where the windows fold like an accordion and stack to the side, or sliding options where the windows can stack to the side or pocket into the wall. You can even add automation to these windows, allowing you to operate them from a push of a button!

Additional things to consider when buying these windows are:

  • Size. Pass through windows are flexible and can be made to fit in any space.
  • Features. It’s possible to add curves and corners to your windows. You can also install a screen to keep bugs out.
  • Style. There are various styles to choose from, ranging from contemporary to traditional.
  • Frame color. Manufacturers like Andersen have 50+ frame colors to choose from.
  • Energy efficiency. Pass through windows are efficient, with dual-pane glass and low-emissivity coatings.

Making the Most of a Pass Through Window

Greco Roman Construction and Design will help you make the most of your pass through window. We recommend installing the window in your kitchen, above your countertop. The sill should sit flush with the countertop, and your countertop should be made from a UV resistant material. If this doesn’t work, you can install a slab to your exterior wall or build a bar under the window.

Second, be sure to choose the right opening for your project. Your options include pocketing pass through, folding pass through and sliding pass through. Finally, think about some of the other features you may need to make your window more functional, such as room for cabinetry or outdoor seating, as well as the angle of the sun.

To explore your options for a pass through window, schedule an appointment with Greco Roman Construction and Design.