Why Mid-Summer is the Best Time to Install New Windows in Phoenix

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Thinking about having new windows installed in your home? Mid-summer is the perfect time to take on this project! Fortunately, living in Phoenix AZ, there’s really no “bad” time to install new windows. You can get them through the fall and winter since we don’t get rain and snow as other areas do. But this post will cover the exclusive benefits you can expect by getting new windows in mid-summer.

Demand is Decreasing

The spring and early summer are the most popular times to buy and install windows. If you shop for windows at this time, you could pay a premium because of supply and demand. Plus, with many window installers working tirelessly around-the-clock, you may be waiting longer to have your windows installed.

By mid-summer, things are slowing down. Most of the people who ordered windows in the spring have had them installed, so demand is coming down, which means a better selection and greater availability.

Ready for Fall and Winter

While other areas see a dramatic drop in temperature in the fall and winter, it’s the time that Arizonans wait for. We have some of the most beautiful weather at this time of year! Plus, many people like to open their windows during the winter to let in the breeze. With new windows, you’ll be able to do this easily!

Plus, new windows allow you to take advantage of energy-efficient options like low-E glass, which will work to keep your Phoenix home cool and comfortable year-round.

Reduce Your Electric Bill

Thanks to upgraded materials and energy efficient glass, you can start saving on your electric bill almost immediately. If your windows are installed by mid- to late-summer, they will block out the sun’s rays and keep cold air inside.

During the winter when temperatures drop, especially at night, you can either leave your windows open for a cool breeze or keep them shut, keeping warm air in. Either way, your replacement windows will be working to reduce your electric bill and keep your home comfortable.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Another benefit of replacing your windows is that you get the latest designs and materials. New windows are much easier to clean and maintain than older windows. If your windows get dirty from sand, dirt and debris, you’ll love how easy modern windows are to clean.

Double-hung windows, for instance, have a tilt sash that can tilt inward for easy cleaning. This way, your home will look beautiful inside and out in time for the holidays! And with proper seals and insulation, you can also clean your windows from the outside using vinegar and water or dish soap and water.

Remember, there is no “bad” time to install replacement windows in Phoenix. But there are clear benefits to making this investment in the summertime. To discuss your window installation project, contact Greco Roman Construction and Design today!